Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is Gossip good?

What adds spice to your normally boring conversations, project meetings or small tea breaks - Gossip. It adds flavour to an otherwise boring day. Something you can laugh about, somebody to talk about - The talk of the town.
What would be life if this gossip was removed. Either too good (yup the good guys and girls) , too bad (the bad guys. Girls are rarely bad) or plain (Just going on types).
Having Gossip, mixes these three kinds of life states and the end result is "Fun".
Now that you've had a good time talking about your colleague's extra marital affair, or the secretary's link up, think about you being in the thick of action. What if people make fun of you too? (That is once in a while).You end up being the 'talk of the town'. If you've feasted on others, its simply your day today. Have your share of fun and thats it. Public memory is too short and moreover, Gossip dies down as soon as another one emerges. You can reduce your gossip quotient by promoting this new story.
The problem arises when you've not done anything and there are rumors. People talk about the lift you gave to your PA after the party. What if your wife comes to know about it and doubts you ? The problem is serious. If you did something after the party, you shouldn't be worried. You cheated and your wife knows about it. After all for once the rumour mills are true. If you didn't cheat and your wife thinks you did only jesus can make her understand. You'll fall into the process of defending. This is as endless as our vast universe. The parallel lines will only meet at infinity.
Next time when you get into such a situation, just go with the flow. If the Gossip is true enjoy it rather than defend. If it's not, you're just unlucky.