Monday, March 22, 2010

How many times did he make you laugh?

In the past six months how many times has your boyfriend/girlfriend made you laugh or been a reason to smile ? I'm sure you can count it on your fingertips. We all have busy schedules, targets and projects. But listening to the ones whose main objective is living with us makes more sense. The important stakeholders are the ones who look up to us and not those to whom we look up to. Do you give sufficient time to them? Are you good at relationship building ?
Today with CRM softwares businesses are out to build mutually beneficial long term relationships with their customers. Good relationships need key ingredients of equity and delight.
Equity: Does the consumer derive enough value by paying you 10 bucks for the icecream you sold ? If no, equity does not hold true and a smart customer would turn away. Similarly in a relationship, if you aren't getting back what you ought to get from your partner, better leave him/her.
Delight: The second concept is that of delight. Some cards should be reserved for special occasions. These occasions may be as common as a birthday or a completely random occasion like 'just another weekday'. To give your relationship a timely needed impetus, you have to play your cards well. You can do that by being 'partly crazy, partly stupid'.
Being a guy, give a reason for your girl to smile. On random occasions make her laugh. As a business, give your customer a reason to smile and occasionally laugh. If you do that, I can bet that you are on the right track. If you are not then your customers are on the wrong track.