Friday, January 1, 2010

Voicetap - Startup

Getting an expert could be really easy on the web. You just Google what you are looking for. But, SEO, ads have really made it tough to find a person ready to give us a true bargain. Imagine getting an expert advice free of cost and that too on phone. Doesn't seem really feasible. Well, Voicetap has made it possible. It connects you to an expert. You can connect with them through G-talk, ask a problem and decide on ta mode of communication.

The only problem is that it is a feedback based system so there is a high probability that you could be talking to a product/service seller rather than an expert. Their concept will work if it gets the right set of experts and expert seekers. They have experts on knowledge. Knowledge can be divided into explicit and tacit knowledge. There is no dearth of explicit knowledge on web. Its only tacit knowledge that needs a network and interaction. And I feel that there would be hardly any people who'd be really willing to give time for something which has taken years for them to build. To build quality they would need to sort experts and pay them else it would become a selling forum. This problem is shown in the screen shot below.

I feel they'll have to tweak the concept to make it work.
In all the idea of connecting experts and seekers is good and can make a good business model.