Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Attracting the female buyer

Finding the perfect rich female is an old movie plot we are quite familiar with. How can a today's marketer make his products sell to a female customer ? The answer is simple- By being ROMANTIC.
Writing the answer or implementing a strategy although is not that easy. A romantic communication can be a good way to attract female customers.
lexi has given a romantic turnover to a plain communication in her post ('Romance 101:How to use feminine words that sell),
Plain: “Solve Email Problems”
Heroic: “Battle Your Email Overload”
Romantic: “Love Your Email Inbox Again”

The difference is that a romantic version would appeal more to a female than a plain or heroic version.
As Tagore pointed out, 'We realize this truth intuitively(that everyday world has the subtle and un-obstrusive beauty of the commonplace.) through our power of love; and women, through this power, discover that the object of their love and sympathy, in spite of its ragged disguise of triviality, has infinite worth.