Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Change - A perfect goodbye

Selling an organization he helped built is the hardest decision for any entrepreneur. But goodbyes can be made pleasant and that is what SUN's co-founder Scott McNealy has done. There are some lines I liked from the letter written by Scott to SUN's employees I read at All Things Digital.
When I interviewed many of you for employment at Sun over the years, one commitment often made was that things will change above, below, and around you faster than any place you have ever been.First and foremost, Sun innovated like crazy.Thanks to all of you inventors and risk takers who changed how we live. Sun did not cheat, lie, or break the rule of law or decency.Sun employees had way more fun than any other are good companies out there. Special thanks to all of my employees for this. I never had to hide the newspaper in shame from my children.Many employees started families, bought homes and put them through school while working at Sun. Our revenues over 28 years exceeded $200B. Few companies make it to the F200. We did. Nice.
And thanks to my wonderful wife, Susan, who gave this desperado (see Eagles) a chance to choose the Queen of Hearts before it was too late.
Someday, hopefully, you will all get to see or meet her and my other life’s works named Maverick, Dakota, Colt, and Scout.
I call this letter perfect. It has every damn thing you'd expect as an old employee, a new recruit and as a family member. This takes me to an important lesson. The process of change begins from the moment you create something. Knowing to let it go and change from the beginning will help you make it the jewel in the crown. How well you manage change is a good indicator of you as a person since it brings out the journey from past till date in a flash. Kudos to Scott and other founders of SUN.