Friday, December 11, 2009

Justice Finally

It's a happy day for me since the murderers of Manjunath finally got their sentence. The surprising thing is that despite India's one of the best management institute taking up the cause, it took time with all the evidences in place. Anyways better late than never. What has to be seen is that there should be a mechanism by the law protectors to help those cases where backing is not possible.
Below is a copy of the email from MST.

Greetings from The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust!

The Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court today announced the judgment on Manjunath’s case. The important details of the judgment are as follows:

1. Upholding the judgment of lower (Sessions) court, the High Court has found all 6 main accused in the case to be guilty of the crime and have awarded them life imprisonment.
2. 2 convicts have been acquitted on the grounds of “benefit-of-doubt”.
3. Death sentence of main accused in the case - Pawan Kumar (alias Monu Mittal) - has been converted to life imprisonment as the judges maintained that death sentence is given only in “rarest-of-rare circumstances”.

The Trust believes that the message is clear, and justice has been delivered. The fact that two courts have concurred on the judgment is a very positive sign. This will help, when and if the accused appeal again in the Supreme Court. Trust lawyer, Shri I. B. Singh, will go through the judgment and future course of action will be decided only after discussion with Manjunath’s parents and the Trust. We have no intention to appeal against the death sentence, as vengeance was never the motive.