Saturday, October 31, 2009

A tear...

This post is on a different tangent from what I write on this blog, but I could not resist myself from sharing this.
This is the story of Mughli whose son disappeared after being taken away by security forces in 1990. After 19 years of search, she breathed her last this Sunday. A mother kept on the relentless search for her only son, her only ray of hope. Her son, Nazir was born after she was divorced by her husband. She decided not to marry and give her child a good upbringing.
Her last words: “My Nazir, have you come
When I read this story (courtesy: Indian Express/Kashmirlive), I could not control my tears. Looking now at the situation in the valley, what has changed is the intensity of hatred. It just keeps on increasing. You kill us, they kill blab la… Huh!
There are many such stories that have become history; many more will be the order of the day if this keeps going. The only person to live in the valley would be neither me nor you, just hatred and hatred alone. Many more maniacs with no goals would nurture it and would die just to pass on the fire that would eventually burn the valley we are fighting for.