Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama and Nobel peace prize

Obama for peace!
A hope for peace, a new dimension. There is a lot of debate going on whether he has done enough to deserve it or can he work for it. I won't be talking about whether he is the right one or not for the prize but lets look at it from how is it going to influence him. Maybe the man for hope will choose a path of peace. The prize definitely has increased the expectations of the world (atleast mine). Obama's policy initiatives, especially foreign policies can have more of a peaceful nature than his predecessor.

One negative aspect could be that Obama's influence and popularity could reduce if robust measures take the place of popular measures.

On the positive side, the expectations from Barack Obama would become higher and the positive effect would be that the world's most powerful man would force himself to act towards peace. I agree that it has been more of speeches till now, but that is what is needed. Without intitating dialogue how can you plan in an integrative way ? An integrative way, which would more or less be a win-win for humanity.
I feel Obama has a new challenge. ["Peace not war", "Solution, not another problem".] Incorporate more of peace in the new solutions. This, I believe is a high risk, high return approach, but a high quality return is the need of the hour. So, I stand for Obama as the man of peace today for not what he has done, but for what he can do.

There is an interesting point of view of Harsh V Pant on the choice of Obama for Nobel Peace Prize,which provides a different perspective.