Friday, July 3, 2009

Mediocrity to Greatness

I always felt the difference while I sat in an interesting class that prompted me to do the assignments to a boring class, which was like taking sleeping pills and fighting the enemy on border. Anyways Peter principle elaborated it.

Just going through the first chapter of "Why Things Go Wrong" gave me a sense of why mostly people crib about their jobs, work place and then go for a higher degree ( like an MBA,M-Tech,Msc etc. or diploma) to get into a job that would probably satisfy them (finally). But does it satisfy them? That's another debatable topic.

Coming to mediocrity, chapter one of "Why Things go wrong" made me bump into a quote by William Arthur Ward and I am splitting and spilling it below.

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.

Inspiration to perform and outdo is what drives out the pending sleep and lethargy to make us perform. The same goes for work.

But whatif a mediocre guy comes our way ?
Bad luck!

It is a test that has to be passed with greatness. Being Mediocre with a mediocre guy means you sleep, get caught and are penalized. Serious bad luck!

So what is being great with mediocrity ?
Its the first principle of the seven habits of Stephen Covey. Being proactive.
Take interest in the subject and ask any damn thing that pops in your mind and move your mundu consistently to give a feel that you're awake and understanding the concept.

We all have our phases. If we reach our level of incompetence, we might not achieve greatness and be stuck in the vicious circle of mediocrity. It is important we climb the ladder to greatness and not incompetence.