Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is modesty, dishonesty ?

Old people always advice you to be honest and modest. But are both possible ? OK lets start it this way. Modesty gives you options and honesty leaves you with none. The new set of high fliers, I've interacted with have loads of modesty. The kind of modesty that'll make you feel that Mount Everest was left on ground floor. The new bunch of high fliers, although have options.

Now I debated about it with a friend of mine and he justified modesty. You underplay your thing. As a listener to a modest individual you would believe him.

If say Mr Sham said that his project is still going at snails pace (although it ain't) he is modest. Now you've gone to mr Sham to check your project status with his project. He is honest in this case because pace is subjective term. Snails pace to Mr Sham might be lightning fast for me.

Now rather than the above statement, Mr Sham said my project has still not got over the planning stage, although it has reached the final stage, it would again be an example of modesty. But it would be dishonesty too!

A Lot of the high flier crowd, the elites or future elites are falling into the Mr Sham trap.

At the end of it Why would I trust a modest individual ? or Can I trust people like Mr Sham ?
The thin line between modesty and dishonesty is being blurred as I feel people are preferring to go up by putting others down using the weapon of modesty. The result is that my trust over such people is decreasing.

My Advice : Think twice before trusting a seemingly modest person.