Thursday, July 2, 2009

Email Overload

I attended a seminar by Ashish (of Minnesota State University) who showed his findings on Email overload and how we could curb it. The astonishing part was the figures that had come out of his research. $588 bn annually were being lost in the form of unproductive man hours because of continuous email checking by managers/corporates.

On an average his findings showed that a person who continuously checks emails for the whole days wastes 28 minutes of productive work.

Slotting your email send/receive time slots actually saves productive time since the switch between emailing and work is less frequent. Continuous check means a lot of switches, which adds up to unproductive man hours. This further increases if the work we are doing is long and complex. Severity of the switch decreases with decrease in complexity and longevity.

Hence an organizational email etiquette and schedule can seriously improve productivity.