Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nano car, Big presence - Nanomics

Small Car, Big Idea: Tata Motors have announced that within two years Nano will travel to U.S. By 2011 it is all set to reach European market. The price of the car would be approximately $2,300, according to a reuters report.

The Tata Nano got an overwhelming response despite all the criticism on environment, traffic and load on natural resources. Now let us imagine that all of us who own big cars send our car to an exchange chamber, pay its one time rent($2,300), and get a nano. Now I'm saying an exchange chamber because all of us can drive one car at a time. The big car that we are driving today will shine in our parking lot and Nano will power us through. The beauty of Nanomics is that we are paying less for the fuel, maintenance and also saving our time.

Nanomics has some drawbacks too. The exchange chamber does not melt the existing resources, such as the body of your car. The pressure on natural resources will be there and considerable fuel will be spent on making the car.
Parking in big cities is a serious problem too. I've never seen a day pass in my colony without two people bickering for the parking space. Sundays are worse since all of them pile up the fuel sucking monsters for the whole day.

Coming to the business aspect of Nanomics, Tata Nano's presence in U.S. and Europe will help Tata Motors as they'll be tapping into an unexplored market.
U.S. and Europe are both known for their expensive gas guzzlers.

Right now Nano has a large order book due to its rocketing influence over the public with the help of media. Nano's boom, like the one seen in India will depend on the media & celebrity push in U.S. and Europe. For now its fingers crossed.