Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am curious about a particular event. I go and ask somebody who has already experienced it. The reply I get is positive. - First perception.
Similarly somebody else gives me a not so positive feedback about the same event.- Second perception.
The third thought about the same event by another guy is totally negative. - Third perception.
Now the mother of all perceptions is the weightage you give to these three people. That is your perception, which will finally decide what call you take.

Now crunch this entire process into a small time limit. It gets confusing. Logic says, go ask people about what they think before proceeding, but it makes situation complex and decision making even more. All three could be correct, but the end result in a tight situation with deadlines could leave you no where.

To sort out the dilemma we often check out the status with quite a few people (time consuming). Finally majority sets in on one decision. Again we are left with two options - Either to follow logic or go against the rule (rebel).By doing so we are again setting our perception on others.

Hence, this creates a vicious circle of perceptions.
Follow what your heart says, keeping priorities in mind, because positive results will yield positive perceptions and negative otherwise.It is important to stay away from the perception syndrome.