Friday, June 5, 2009

Obama - The story teller of Change

I saw the speech of Barack Obama in cairo last evening and looking at him closely you realize how he built up and narrated the normally boring political speeches.
The art of narration gives him the unique capability to build a whirlpool that sucks you into what he is saying.

The success of a speech lies in the fact that people get over it and start thinking about what is next. Had the speech been unsuccessful a significant debate would have begun over the semantics and policies spoken about in the speech.

The fact that suggests the speech struck the right chord was when public reactions asked for action. That means the talk was a success. People started looking beyond the speech. After all action does not rest in Obama's hand alone but he has initiated the process.The articulate story teller finally ends up with a blunt message. No half talk, no two facets, only one coherent message.

PS: Read the entire transcript here.