Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prabhakaran family dead : A matter of Re-terror

Prabhakaran and L.T.T.E's era has ended in a manner, which probably wasn't in the best interest of all. The man who was responsible for the assasination of a Prime minister now along with his family bites the dust in unmarked locations in a mass grave. The family of whom he killed still lives to see his fate and wield power and authority.

The death of prabhakaran and his family certainly raises many eyebrows, giving indications to a theory that he may have been shot at a point blank range. The bodies of his family have still been under the wraps to prevent any outburst. The logic behind anhilating LTTE and destroying all signs of its leaders may be to prevent re-emergence of the outfit in future. The cost of it is something that needs to weighed in the humanitarian crisis emerging out of such an action.

Freedom for one may be terror for another. Although my knowledge of history is not very strong, Ritam Banati in his article, The Rajiv India Knew writes
The LTTE was scared that Rajiv would come to power once again in the election that followed after the downfall in 1990 of the coalition government led by Singh. And would then pursue the same anti-LTTE policies . Therefore they succesfully plotted and executed the heinous assassination. The irony was that his mother had shelled out money to train the Tamils in India militarily to fight for their rights violently with Lanka's Sinhalese majority.
The important thing to note is that violence gives birth to more violence and ends with unthinkable shades of death. It is not a battle of egos or land, it is just a waste of time,happiness and many,many lives. I hope this is a lesson to all leaders to embark on a policy to live and let live.