Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Google challenger is here

Microsoft Bing : Microsoft will be coming up with Bing, a decision engine that will challenge the dominance of the god of search - "Google". It is a move that could either give the web a new era of search or could reiterate the fact that Google is the best.
The search war has heated up as finally a competitor to Google's search will finally be out in the open. Google, the world's top brand with a brand value exceeding $100 billion is gearing up for its first fight in the search arena.

There have been critics (whom I admire) who have tried to be (as always) Google disciples and have rejected Bing. The part that impresses me is that Microsoft has shown up the courage to stand up to the search behemoth and say "Hey Beware!!! We are coming".Not many can do that.

The second and the most important thing will be what they are offering. Looking at the initial presentation, Microsoft Bing looks impressive.

The decision engine i.e. Microsoft's Bing is evolving into collaborative portal where they will try to sort out and carve a solution for your search query. They'll be giving information and not data. How successful and precise this information is will determine the success of Bing.