Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kolkatta Knight Riders : 10 things that went wrong

The curious case of Kolkatta Knight Riders

It is the most talked about and the most laughed about team of IPL 2. It did shake a few stones in IPL-1 but this year the popularity of kolkatta knight Riders has probably exceeded combined popularity of all other teams. Kolkatta Knight Riders have presented themselves like hot and spicy chicken in front of other teams of IPL, who are more than willing to have a delicious meal. So what really went wrong ? I've compiled things that happened on Kolkatta Knight Riders during the course of IPL-2, some that boosted them and quite a few that busted them.

The 10 things that went wrong for Kolkatta Knight Riders in IPL-2

#1. Four Captain Theory : A four headed monster was in the mind of John Buchanan. He ended up creating a four headed behemoth eating up each other.

#2. Sourav Ganguly aka Bye Bye Dada : He was simply sliced like a infected piece and removed.

#3. Over demanding owner : Imagine the pressure you are under at work when your manager (boss) is standing on your head. In a game where pressure can break the coolest of guys, SRK probably over pressurized the team. His celeb status was an added weight.

#4. Fake IPL player : If media was adding salt to the wounds of KKR, an insider came up with free media(blog) and just add red chilli to the wounds.

#5. John Buchanan : Coaching Australians and Indians is different. (Ab to samajh Lo!!!). As if the case of Sourav Ganguly and Greg Chappel wasn't enough to teach a lesson.

#6. Unusual Suspect (Aakash Chopra) : Leaving Aakash Chopra and Sanjay Bangar as a part of cost cutting exercise could hurt more than having them and paying for their travel and stay. I still believe Aakash Chopra is the person behind Fake IPL player blog.

#7. Ajit Agarkar : This Bombay duck has always embarrassed the Indian team. His days were over the day he took his 50th wicket. Under pressure he has a habit of wide-no ball-full toss practice.

#8. Numerology (Jumaani da Jumaanji) : Shahrukh Khan apparently consulted a numerologist and dropped "Kolkatta" from Kolkatta knight Rider. Seems quite a few Bengalis were upset by this gesture and did not give the much needed blessings. A numerologist (Sanjay Jumaani) suggested Shahrukh Khan to change the name.

#9. Racial Rifts : This is Indian Premier League. It is Indian. WTF! How can one even think of racial abuse. Money buys a lot, but please don't sell India.

#10. Performance : Finally the most important thing. Poor performance. Their focus was getting shifted to Knights and Angels who eventually did not even make it to the stage. Huh! What ay gimmick.

And what went in their favour...

#1. Rain : The one match, which they've won till now is due to D/L method. Else they would have lost that too.

Anything Else ??