Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kolkatta Knight Riders comics, jokes...

After the big or rather hugely embarrassing performance at IPL 2, all the biggies of Kolkatta Knight riders would want a safe hiding place. The team and their unintentional antics have been the butt of all jokes lately. They have also given stimulus to probably India's post popular blog, The Fake IPL player. The author claims to be one of the members of KKR.

MTV in their daily show, showed five ways to insult KKR. Now can you imagine that!

Few days back the Delhi Dare devils had a match against the Kolkatta Knight Riders aka Filmy riders and even before the match began, my younger cousin was confident that it would be another devil dream for the filmy knights. Shahrukh has probably decided to come back and rightly so too. He would earn more money by dancing at weddings than boosting his bust team.

The story of the Filmy riders is a perfect plot for a pot boiler hindi film. But as the hindi film hero always wins in the end, a win in the movie might just add extra salt to their wounds. That shouldn't be much of a problem since the pain would have been numb by now.

I recently read that the KKR brand value is the highest among all IPL teams but the fake IPL player says that the words from sponsors haven't been kind enough. Watching Star Plus, Nokia logos on a team that is being bashed up in every outing would certainly hurt them also.

The funniest part of the KKR outing this season is that they've done everything right except for cricket. Dada (in happier times) was busy judging a reality show, which was there to select cheer girls for KKR team. After this season only a few dare darlings might show up for the next one. I have immense respect for dada, but I feel he is just spending his old age in cricket, content with the pension of KKR.

On the stranger side despite getting good money, I still don't know why they are cribbing. Filmy riders had dug half their grave even before the beginning of the tournament. The four captaincy theory was nothing but a ploy to remove the old rusty war horse (Dada). And see what happened.

I only hope, right people are sent to the right places this time. Buchanan deserves a special toast for giving us all the fun and masala for cracking jokes. As far as DADA is concerned, he'll give the Filmy riders another adventurous year.