Thursday, May 28, 2009

IPL fan base

Building a fan base will be the future for a successful business business model of teams in the Indian Premier League. The present is a reminisce of that.

IPL 2 saw Deccan Chargers, charge up the their energies to lift the trophy.The IPL 2, I'd say was all in all a very successful season. This season saw the ups of super overs and downs of the fake IPL blog.
But where does IPL go ahead ?
It is a craze. Every evening, it'll make sure you don't feel bored. If you go to a restaurant, it will follow you there. An interesting thing I noted was that quite a few of my cousins were fans of Kolkatta Knight Riders, because of Shahrukh Khan. A statistic reported that Kolkatta Knight Riders has the highest brand value.

If you can see the connection, Shahrukh has a fan base, which propelled Kolkatta Knight Riders brand value to top of the list. Taking a cue from this, IPL teams will have to spend money to build their fan base to keep their brand rolling. A fan base will mean greater revenues in future. In the first season of Indian Premier League, only two teams made profit - The Rajasthan Royals and the Kolkatta Knight Riders. A loyal fan base can be the difference between pressurizing your team to win and make profits or building a fan base and allowing them to play naturally.

When it comes to a fan base, what tags a team is associated with is the question.
Do you identify with these tags ? If yes, then you are a fan.

Eg :Kolkatta Knight Riders associated itself with Shahrukh Khan,Sourav Ganguly, Royal Challengers with Dr Vijay Mallya, Kings XI with Preity, Delh Dare Devils with Akshay, Sehwag,Gambhir.

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PS:This article helped me get the idea.