Sunday, May 31, 2009

India : The world's nervous system

The targeting of Indians in hate crime is a sign of how Indians have managed to reach and make their presence felt in every corner or the world. The emergence of "poor India" in "Rich countries" is a sore in the eye of the people living there.

From a culturally rich country to an economically poor land, India and Indians have a presence in every spectrum of human civilization. In an Indian you can see a shrewd political mind to an innocent exploited individual. The one thing common to all, the rich, the poor, the honest and the corrupt is the capacity to bite back and climb. The current state of India is an apt proof of newton's third law of motion - "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." The more you push them down down, the more they bounce back. (I am using "them" and not "us" since I've been a part of a privileged Indian community.) When their backs are on the wall and a gun is pointing on their forehead, the bullet will emerge from their head first. Even literally, our army men are equipped with the most outdated guns, still they form a part of the world's best army. This fact was reiterated by a friend of mine, who recently joined the navy.

Over the years this India with backs to the wall slipped out in a low profile state and melted to get into every community. A land waiting t burst with a billion plus population, had leaks and the solid entity, like cheese made the flavour of a pizza known as globalization. The pizza when served to every leader of the world, made the world a single body and India as its nervous system.

Every signal in our body goes through the nerves. The signs of pain in any part go through these small connected wires, which act like messengers sending an information saying, "I'm paining".

Lets consider Australia as the heel of the world. Some infection in the heel sent pain through the nerves. The infection had its first consequence on the nerves.

The world body in the same way is infected in many more places. It is wounded with terror, starved by natural calamity and corrupted by lust. It has also muscles of unity, blood of honesty and a heart of pride. The nerves reach every part of this world body and hence we find an Indian in every victory and defeat of an organ of the body.