Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chappal - Joota election

An unsettling shoe just rattled the hopes of two congress MPs in Delhi, and now a war of words has begun between Congress and BJP. Narendra Modi called congress a "Budhiya", which was responded by "Gudhiya" by Priyanka, but now its just stooped below the standard of what a national party must be doing. The recent low in the war of words (WOW) comes from AICC general secretary, B Hariprasad. He says
"The man who made the statement on the old age of the Congress party must implement his statement on his own political party. First he should dump Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the oldest man who is in hurry to become Prime Minister L K Advani in the Arabian sea,"
Woah! The reader's reactions to this comment have been in favour of BJP rather than congress.
This comes after the four pronged attack by congress on BJP's PM candidate, Mr L K Advani. Rahul,Priyanka and Sonia Gandhi lashed out at Mr Advani and surprisingly Dr Manmohan Sigh also came prepared with a speech. The regional parties lower level can be understood starting from the level of their manifesto's but this is not in good taste. Adding to masala of regional party is Akhilesh Das [see video], who says the SP should have fielded Aishwraya Rai, atleast it would have kept them interested.
These elections will go down to the wire like some of the IPL matches but essentially it will be remembered as a chappal-joota election.