Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aakriti Bhatia and misplaced anger

The case of Aakriti Bhatia, a class 12th student who died after an asthma attack has turned into probably the most important discussion. Its sad that Aakriti died unexpectedly in an untimely death but, I believe now emotions have gone out of control. The principal of the school (Mordern School, Vasant Vihar) Goldie Malhotra is beign asked to resign. Why ? Because a girl died. Now c'mmon, its a rare incidence and what role has Goldie to play in a case of rare natural death. Emotions can close the windows of mind, but surprisingly many parents coming out and doing hoo hallah is no way. Parents are demanding action against Goldie for alleged negligence. How can Goldie neglect her or how can he not. If a person suffers a heart attack, a medical room in school (Which my school had) help it. The whole story is still under the veil. Things such as, did her inhaler not work, or did she forget it at home, or the medical facility at school not have it can throw more light. Here I blame the media too. Now a particular hindi TV news channel known for its (un)popular undercover operations has an anchor wearing a police costume and explaining the scenario as if Vellupillai Prabhakaran has been caught. WTF!
I may not understand the emotions of the parents of Aakriti, but I know one thing for a fact. This chillam-chilli will not get Aakriti back and setting the heads rolling won't change the scenario. I feel for the humiliation suffered by Goldie and his family and they might be going through an equally troubled time bearing the burden of an innocent girl's death.
If still the parents of the kin feel that there is a case of negligence, then what kind of it, must be clear and if they were aware of it before Aakriti died, why didn't they say then ?