Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Srilankan team attacked in Pakistan

It couldn't get much worse and much more foolish than this. 5 players of Srilankan team were injured when militants opened fire at their team bus. All five had a narrow escape and Tilan Samaraweera was the only one to suffer bullet injuries and rest suffered from shrapnel wounds. This is country, which says that 26/11 terror attacks did not take place on its own soil and has a rather casual navy chief who does not even know the implications of his own words.

Much has been talked about the heinous crimes being committed under the masquerade of Islam by Pakistan's own child - Taliban. So what is the solution ?
The current verbal exchange between India and Pakistan undoubtedly makes Pakistan believe that we are soft on terror. But intimidating with the army on border is not a solution. The stand-off after the parliament attacks is an indicator of that. It yielded nothing. Talks of surgical strikes by Indian air force were rife after the Mumbai terror attacks, but it did not materialize since it would have given an opportunity for everybody including the terror outfits to come behind the national flag and attack against India. So we come back to the same thing, what is the solution ?

Shall the world unite under one flag and annihilate the anti-human forces in Pakistan ? The implication here could be more serious than anything else and biggest spoiler could be Russia. It played a vital role in closing of a US air force base in Kyrgyzstan. In such a scenario Arab countries too would join hands against US leading to a third world war or another oil crisis. The situation today looks grim and will need an ingenious solution to tackle the problems that threaten our very own existence.