Saturday, March 7, 2009

Save environment by smart computer power usage

Saving power might be considered by many as an after effect of recession and if it really is, it's good. Powering off your TV might take you only a few seconds but the lazy loafer in each one of us does it a minute later. And I too am a part of the 'you' mentioned. Going by Thomas Friedman's 'Hot, Flat and Crowded', the world is having fever and it's getting warmer by the day; the of which effect was felt this winter. The solution or the silver bullet to counter this may be that small extra effort, tinier than the drop in an ocean. After 100 years of spewing industrial venom we will need a 100 years of Medicare to get things back on track.

So why am I discussing all this ? All thanks to this post by Bill Weihl who informed about the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (co-founded by Google). They've come out with power saving computers. Although I am skeptical about using environment as the theme of their business of selling computers, they've come up with good handy tips on power management through efficient use of your PC. There is also a contest where you can submit your videos on power saving and win $5000.
Monetary aspect
Smart PC power Usage -> Less electricity used -> Lesser Bill -> Lessening the impact of recession -> Helping the economy