Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Optimistic snack - The way out of Recession ?

Recession has spread like wild fire and many people stuck in this fire are googling for that fire suit to keep away from the burns. If Google search results (below) are any indication, panic has spread among the Indian working class and people are finding for recession proof hideouts.

The questions that comes to my mind are "What is recession proof career ? or what kind of a job is recession proof ? Are we moving towards escapism ?" Can't really say. Searching for a shelter in the rain may be wise but may not be always possible, if atleast our job demands so. So what if the shelter is no where in sight and the rain comes before we reach it the job is over. Maybe the rain will make us more resilient towards coughs and colds. Changing a job and going towards a recession proof job may not be wise since you may not be alone. You might just be the one to trigger the chain reaction leading to further and deeper recession.
This might sound idealistic and clich├ęd to some but it is this idealism that is the ray of hope.

Guys just hang on. The winter won't last for ever.