Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No iphone for kids

When it comes to the dream gadgets list, iphone and ipod rate very high in my must haves but bad luck, low budget and recession have been the three hurdles for me in getting me my dream gadgets. But on the other side of the world sitting high and mighty are another set of kids who have one of the richest people in the world as their father in the world but still no i-gadgets. Melinda Gates said in one of her interviews that although very few gadgets have been banned for their children, ipod and iphone are two things she does not get for her kids and she too does not have one. They've been practically banned from the Gates mansion as being rival products.

Looking at the consequences of the having an ipod or iphone, they could easily distract you from the work. It's like having a pretty girl friend; your mind might loose focus from other issues and you might loose sleep too. The number of mobile thefts are also increasing at an alarming rate with about 35 occurring in Delhi alone. Having an iphone stolen could result in a serious heartbreak. Well, whatever the consequences maybe, a dream and desire does not need logical reasoning, its just waiting to be fulfilled.
Watch this cute video of a baby using iPhone.