Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marry a katrina look alike

If you are not happy with the marriage proposals you've been getting till now, register on Bharata Matrimony and find a Katrina/Bipasha/Kareena and (many more ) look alike. Bharat Matrimony has started a facial recognition feature, which shows profiles matching your favourite celebrity.

This is a very innovative feature introduced by the matrimonial website but the implications could have both positive and negative effects. Prospective models can put their pics on the matrimony website and get calls from producers. On the other hand if celebrity gets in news for wrong reasons, it could harm the repute of the lookalikes since they've been tagged. But if you pride yourself being called a John or Shahid or a katrina or any other celeb, it could be a good ego boost.
The reactions could be many. Check out the facial search feature. Try reading Amit's view on this feature.
I'd also like to know your view about this feature.