Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If Slumdog...

Slamming Slumdog Millionaire.
Recently I've managed to read many rantings about Slumdog Millionaire, one came from Dharavi,another from Patna, a strange one from the desk of an MBA seller, and surprising ones from BIG A's and B's. But I'm just waiting for that one moment when it bags the Oscars, and all these incapable people will be Big zeroed by Danny and others.

A hillarious article I read today was that Slumdog Millionaire was to be directed by Sanjay Gupta-That Sanjay Dutt Bhai Bug. If there is an iota of truth in this story then thank god he missed by a whisker. But the good thing in the Bhai Banda was that he recognized that if he would have made the movie it wouldn't have got the international recognition and the awards. Now that is atleast one down to earth person.

And yes there is also a flop director who has opened up school of entertainment as he had to find an alternative career. He has not come out in open since after being a yuvraaj of crappy cinema people are waiting to collect the refund of an overdose of sleeping pill. The teacher at his school says on Rediff - "Broadly speaking, Slumdog is just an olden-day story, the way the whites or the westerners interpret India. It is an on-your-face look at reality. As an Indian, I know we cannot discard poverty. But there is a way to portray it. "
Now tell me which Indian movie has ever potrayed reality and on top of that this one comes from a Subhash ghai employee. Huh! Such hypocrites.