Tuesday, February 3, 2009

$10 Laptop

Ramesh: Hey you know I got a laptop for $100 (Rs 4800 approx)
Prateek: Oh you got it at 5 times more cost than my new lappy, it's just $20- Sakshat

Ten facts about $10 Laptop (Sakshat)
  1. Name : Sakshat
  2. Price : $20 (When it comes into mass production, it may cost about $10)
  3. Developed by : Jointly developed by several organisations- UGC, IIT-Madras and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  4. Memory : 2 GB onboard memory
  5. Connectivity : wireless Internet connectivity. (Wi-Fi and Ethernet capability)
  6. Objective : Make it useful for the students, especially in the rural areas
  7. Power consumption : 2W.
  8. Operating System : Open source simple Linux OS.
  9. Speculation : It is a political move by the incumbent congress before very important elections in Indian history.
  10. Unveiled by: Union Minister for Human Resources Development Arjun Singh at the Tirupati temple