Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where is Britney ?

Another Jabber
Britney Spears, the girl I had a crush on as a teen is in the Indian news media for being omnipresent. But hey where is she ? And what do you expect for an answer. Maybe she is dating another side dancer, or may be her school friend or maybe ... could be anybody... A playboy from pakistan... Lots of speculations Hmm...
But the lamest of all answers was that she was recently in India (when actually she was not). When an international celebrity goes missing, where could he/she be ? On a religious trip for mental peace to India. The Indian media makes a big deal when a Hollywood star or a pop star comes to India. whats so big in that ? Can't they come without all the hype. Some written off celeb comes to India and the media swarms him as if George Bush has arrived. Will they bless us all by coming to India ? Some hangovers seem to stay forever with a few journalists hoping to make a name by cooking birbal ki khichardi with extra salt.
Ok! lets move ahead with another myth. She is dating some Sandeep Soparrkar, an unheard of choreographer. When I heard the whole story at first I thought it was one of her quick forget sexual trips, which have been her feature lately. But heeeyyy!!! There was nothing to it. No Soap-err-Kar.
Anyways, media is doing good job with the follow up of Mumbai terror,but sadly their entertainment section is going the India TV way.