Friday, January 2, 2009

US government does a U-turn

The US government has done a U turn on the extradition of the terror suspects, Dawood Ibrahim, Maulana Masood Azhar and Zakiur Rehman lakhvi. The United States has said that the terror suspects should be tried in Pakistan rather than India. This makes it a complete U-turn from the earlier proposal to extradite these criminals of humanity. The US interests of the war against Taliban on the north western frontier of Pakistan are clearly the main reason. It is strange that Indian government still is sitting like a duck waiting to be pounded over by the terrorists.

Our government's cries are getting lamer by the day and I feel my self respect being hurt like that of every other Indian. My blood burns when I see our esteemed politicians doing nothing but pressurizing pakistan with a set of confusing and misleading words. The occasional tough look on Pranab Mukherejee's face or the grin laden Mr Politically Correct (P Chidambaram) does not give any sense of a crisis situation. Atleast Mr Pranab does not bother much about his hair, although he has a few of them. Our previous poster boy of home ministry, Mr Shivraj Patil, was a dainty man but he spent much of his time dallying with the idea of what to wear for the next "Sorry, we could not protect you" statement.On the contrary Mr P Chidambaram seems less of a fashion conscious person, but he will have to learn from Israel's reaction. The final decision rests in the hands of the Congress Working Committee. After the Mumbai terror attacks there hasn't been much of a change apart from a few characters being shuffled. Lets see do we go on Israel's path or not. Our reaction has been frustratingly slow and there seems to be sign of no improvement.