Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unofficial Satyam Associates

A blog Say Satyam has come up with a description, which reads "Yes, we know you read the newspapers. Now read us."

I was hooked on to NDTV after the news of the arrest of Ramalinga Raju broke in. Checking all the speculation being done on television about the imprisonment of Ramlinga Raju and his associates there is a reasonable evidence from the Ramalinga's letter to believe our media this time. The government has dissolved the board of directors of satyam and will form a 10 member independent board. The whole issue does not seem to be a black and white case even after Raju's letter. It is reasonable to believe considering the political clout of Ramalinga Raju that the reality could be murkier. The contradicting thing is that section 120B,409,420,468,471 of the Indian penal code have been imposed on Mr R Raju. The constitution of the 10 member "reputed" board according to PC Gupta (Min of corp affairs) could reveal more.