Saturday, January 31, 2009

Smoking Sting operation

Campaigning could be the worst or probably the best show of mud slinging and Lok Sabha polls are bringing out the seasoned and the new kids on the bloc on the big stage. Smoking has been officially banned at all public places in New Delhi and a BJP councilor didn't hesitate in doing a quick smoking sting operation.

Former Delhi mayor and Congress councillor Farhad Suri was on Thursday caught flouting his government’s stringent steps to ban smoking in public places, when a BJP councillor Rekha Gupta caught him smoking in the Town Hall.

Gupta caught Suri smoking outside the MCD House meeting hall and complained to mayor Arti Mehra.

“Smoking in public places is not allowed and being a councillor he should set an example for the people and not indulge in breaking laws. We want that an enquiry be initiated against him and he should be fined as per law,” said Gupta. - Hindustan Times