Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slumdog is on the Oscar list

The top categories of Oscars have got two Slumdog Millionaire nominations, one for best picture and the other for best director, making it a special achievement in terms of Indian Achievement in Oscars.

The fact that A R Rahman is nominated in 3 categories out of 10 Slumdog Millionaire nominations makes it even more special.

We've had a lot of talk about the Oscars after Lagaan managed to make the cut to the nomination stage for the best foreign film category. Apart from that the more recent quarrel between "Munnbhai-Gandhigiri" and Rang De Basanti over which goes to the oscars made the academy awards an even more talked about event.

Bollywood and Oscars share the same relation, which Tollywood or Bhojpuri cinema shares with Bollywood. A lot of wannabes and a little bit of genuine talent gets added, but keeps the whole equation more or less similar.

A billion plus population but so less on talent that we need foreigners to hold our fingers to take up to the big stage in creative medium. A situation similar to the Olympics. I don't want to take the credit away from the master piece of Danny Boyle but watching movies like Chandni Chowk 2 China, Rab ne Banadi Jodi that come from the top brass of Bollywood makes me feel we are still kings in our own little jungle. (although few aberrations like that of Aamir still exist)