Thursday, January 29, 2009

Orchestrated drama ?

The Lok Sabha polls are around the corner and the BJP camp has begun aggressive campaigning to woo the voters. At such a time out of no where comes a fanatical organization and thrashes up innocent people in Mangalore creating a national outcry and rage. In the name of Lord Ram, a group associated to BJP went ahead as the moral police and bashed up people partying in a pub in broad daylight. BJP goes ahead and disowns the sena. Now the swiftness through which the job has been done makes me feel that something is not as white-Black in the BJP camp. Was this drama orchestrated to show a non-fanatic side of BJP or was this a move gone horribly wrong. Starting early can have its positives and the negatives and with BJP in spotlight over this issue can make it a champion or immature move.

Looking at the downside it might strengthen nations view of a fanatic-nationalistic-violent party and as seen in the assembly elections incumbency and development might again be the high tide in an already tumultuous time.

BJP learned from the Obama campaign and went for a strong online campaign but the deeper things might just be missing out. Obama focussed on economic policies, bail outs and a non-violent, anti Iraq war approach. These things have been missing in the campaign today and what happened in the Delhi assembly elections might take BJP by surprise another time.