Sunday, January 11, 2009

Offensive Harry

The recent blooper from a hysteric world comes from none other than Prince Harry. Sometimes the dead and buried stories creep up from nowhere and cause embarrassment. All I can say is that the hard drives containing archives are really of a very good quality. reports

Harry, who is an army lieutenant in the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals, is purported to have made the remarks in 2006 in an airport departure lounge as soldiers waited to travel to Cyprus for training exercises.

The newspaper said in a statement that in the video, Harry referred to one colleague as "our little paki friend" -- using a derogatory term for people of Pakistani origin.

It reported that he called another cadet -- who was wearing a headscarf -- a "raghead." The newspaper said that the video was filmed by other cadets and supplied to the newspaper.

Prince Harry