Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fireman Kalam

He (Missile Man) gave India the firepower to use the power hidden in an atom to be unleashed over any other country creating destruction on an unimaginable scale. He gave India, the much needed fire to intimidate hostile/rogue nations. Now he speaks about his opinion on the possible Indian strategy on dismantling terror outfits with TOI .

[...]Firstly, a vigorous national campaign, involving every citizen, should be launched to tackle the terror menace, he said interacting with students here.

Secondly, Kalam advocated carrying out raids to destroy terror hideouts both inside and outside the country.

"Terror can be eliminated by raiding and smashing militant hideouts both inside and outside the country," he said.

Lastly, there was need for speedy trial of cases relating to terrorism to punish perpetrators of such crimes, he said.[...]

He surely can teach a lesson to our communal politicians who talk about mandir and masjid. I'd like to quote Shobhaa De's statement "Doomb mat hilao.Kuch kar ke dikhao." Hadh ki bhi ek hadh hoti hai! Patience is running out and the immaculate Hindi, English and Urdu of Pakistan's leaders is just adding salt to our fresh wounds.