Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time for ACTION

Another day of terror gloomed on the front pages of Times of India, HT Mint and all other leading dailies as the saga of horror, tragedy, mystery and ignorance refuses to die down. The impact has been global and the reactions of condemnation in plenty, but India’s actions have still been in the closet. The resignation of three ministers was a consequence, a reaction to the ripples, like high tides, that sunk the islands of luxury, corruption where our ministers (those 3 and many more) were enjoying a perfect tropical holiday, while the country was being attacked.

The so called phase of a knee-jerk reaction is over. Now it is time for action, not exactly combat, but a firmer stance, backed by some thought and possible future consequences. It is true that we will not get any military backing from USA and Israel as there was a significant change in colours of the statements of condoleezza Rice after she went to Pakistan. The truth is that we are self sufficient nuclear power (the truth that restraints us too) and we should act (not react) with firmness. The diplomatic denial of Hafiz Saeed, the man behind the sinister plans of terror, has made the situation complicated and made it even more tough for us to act tough. But it depends on our soft leaders, whether or not they take military actions based on the intelligence inputs.

The words, intelligence and security, seem like a joke now, and Sureesh Mehta’s reaction on not been given not specific intelligence inputs seems rather strange, after all the evidence of definite inputs shown on television. The one good thing that has come out is the emergence or rather the separation of the down trodden ministers from the better ones to represent a state. V S Achutanandan (The DOGGY ), Vilas Rao Deshmukh (The disaster tourism agent), R R Patil (The psychotic) and Shivraj Patil (Who sleeps or eats, when India weeps) all have shown their back when we needed people to lead from the front. It wouldn’t be wrong, if people demand a more professional, accountable and a corporate like behavior, or even a more mature behavior from these politicians. For me as a citizen, it is wait and watch for now, to see the “action” our leaders take in near future.