Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Terror hits Telecom

As our esteemed politicians were busy maligning each other in the parliament today, Naxals attacked and gutted down the office of BSNL and tower of Reliance communications in Kanker,Chhattisgarh. After the attack on Mumbai on 26th November, it seems that the intelligence and policing is still lagging despite all the tragedies that have taken place. According to business standard, the Naxals had held many villagers as hostage and finally burned the building of BSNL and destroyed a tower of Reliance Communication (Rcom). As they were leaving, they cut two trees in such a way that they fell on 33KV lines supplying power to about 300 villages, plunging them into darkness. Destroying communication equipment is a way of crippling a nation as without communication it would impossible to conduct swift action. These strategies were employed effectively during world War II.

But it is still shameful that such acts are taking place with ease in a country that hopes to be all powerful in this world. It is impossible to see development in a nation struck by violence. I was deeply hurt when Kapil Sibbal and L K Advani were debating on the Kandhar hijack issue, when they should have actually tried to eliminate the root. The problem with the latest terror law and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is that it is not focussing on the root cause. Kapil Sibbal syas that terror is like a soccer match. We might save a 100 goals but people will remmeber the one goal that the opposition scored. I totally disagree. Why it be a soccer match in the first place. Why can't we eliminate the team of terror ? Although he made a good point on human rights issue, I'd still say, we need to go to the root.
I think people of India will need to sit back and watch a few more episodes of brutality before radical changes are brought about.