Monday, December 22, 2008

Taj reopens after terror attacks

My eyes were numb and my heart was all praise for the brave as the mist of bullets, confusion and horror settled over India’s chilliest winter days in the recent years. As the smoke rose above I could see red in eyes of red in my mirror, my country. I wish I had the sword and courage to go take revenge, but I didn’t, I wish I had the power, luck and determination, I didn’t. All I had was anger, distrust that blinded me in my own room my own land. With me were those who came out on streets and lit the candles of faith, candles of unity, candles of peace, as the truth with its sweaty fabric of red stains showed us the dim light to go ahead. Today those candles still light like the endless sun, burning till we get justice. A step taken forward have healed the wounds but the scars still remain as the royalty and pride stands high asking the world to come, sit, have a cup of coffee and watch the long shadows by the evening sun as the waves caress the shores of a wounded city. Reopening of the Taj Mahal Hotel and the trident is an emotional victory for some, business for some and national pride for many. As the fog settles tomorrow, I wish to see smiles all around and I have faith in god that my wishes will be granted.

Ratan Tata's Message after the reopening of Taj

"Message we want to give is that we can be hurt but not knocked down. The old Taj will stand again for the next 100 years as it has for the past 100 years..."