Monday, December 1, 2008

No Mercy

Kerala CM’s obscene remark about the father of Sandeep Unnikrishnan makes me feel contaminated that I was born in a state that is now headed by a CM whose soul sucks to the core.

Had it not been Sandeep, not even a dog would have visited them –
Kerala CM
V S Achuthanandan
This is not an insult to the martyr or his family but an insult to all Indians as Major Unnikrishnan and his family is part of all the families of India and we are highly indebted to him and his family. Political mileage on a person who was the only son of a family and has a small child disgusts me. People like V S Achuthanandan who souls are sold to the lust of power and the greed of money should be banned from the country and should be sent to Andaman as he rots to the core. I think we need some policing in this country and a big brother to give a one tight slap to these politicians to teach them what their parents forgot. I am angry, I am sad, but what should I do, but what can I do, can I shoot one of them, Can I join forces, Should I terrorize terror or simply cry in pain. I don’t know. But what I know is that I want change. I want revenge, I want the pain the families of the people who lost their loved ones in all terror attacks to be given back to the perpetrators not one but a thousand times more that will even question the almighty god, their allah , to not make them a part of the human race, the next time they are born.
No mercy this time. Enough is Enough.