Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel and India on terror

Israel bombed the Gaza strip for the fourth day today killing over 300 people in Gaza. Hamas had ended the cease-fire with Israel after they fired rockets over Israel. Israel’s general has indicated that they are going for an all out attack to capture the Gaza strip. Hamas (terror threat), the largest party now faces oblivion at the hands of Israel. India faces an Israel like situation today. If Hamas dictates terms LeT and JuD and its leaders do the same in Pakistan.

Pakistan indirectly has kept attacking India, but our reaction has been soft after a certain point. I have no reason to believe that government of Pakistan is actually interested in uprooting terrorism. Their only motive as of now is to gain political advantage. This was very evident from Imran Khan’s reaction on India needing to give substantial proof on Ajmal Kasav. I am not in favour of war, but the way this war hysteria has been created by Pakistan without any provocation (when our defense minister said against it) ; a very smart move to intimidate and delude India. Although the denouement of this Indo-Pak drama cannot be predicted, but the Indian government's ploy has seemingly depredated our morale. Indian government's reaction has been like that of an old woman beating her breasts every time Pak trained terrorists attack India. We need pro-activity, not a passive war of words.

Israel’s reaction to terror from its neighbours seems to harbour only one message; “No Nonsense”.
We too have had this, but it has only been limited to an old man’s war of words. On the contrary there are people who are taking pride in the so-called mature reaction by India. Despite all the claims, I have only one problem. At the end of this mature journey will we uproot terror? Or will this be just another attempt by the incumbent congress aimed at vote bank politics?