Monday, December 8, 2008

Get me a panic killer

The word panic has donned the headlines of papers like the dust in a house near a busy road. The dust in my house, just takes the life out of me. The word “absolute panic“in the Times of India was referred by a person who had gone there to drop his son. The word playing like déjà vu in the minds of most Indians, atleast the upper classes of the society is PANIC. Like a disease, it has spread swiftly through the air, catapulted by the media, especially television. While some people have started active campaign against some prominent journalists (Barkha Dutt), there still seems to be a slim chance of the media being under control, until another vociferous medium comes in, which is highly unlikely. But there is a need, a strong one to get some panic killers, to relieve the panicky pain, temporarily. I don’t think the crappy stuff of Headlines Today, such as over the top Bigg Boss shit that it continuously keeps airing or the internet videos that keep rolling indicating a dearth of content. My first priority in news TV is Times Now and if some bakwaas, like the foodie is coming, I check out NDTV, then CNN-IBN. But Times of India has been a disappointment in terms of excessive masala in news. Anyways, watching Raju Hazir Ho or some other comedy or reality show, can help us get out of this terror, which has now become too much. I spend my time devoted to idiot box downloading videos from youtube. Asma, a girl from oman, who came to take part in Saregamapa 2009 challenge has been a revelation and I’d suggest you check out her videos, especially this one with salman khan.
It's an overdose of terror, and me being more inclined towards non-violent activities, its become a task digging out non-terror content from the newspaper.