Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dhoni : Z+ security ?

Does Dhoni need a Z+ security ?

My answer
:  Yes, he needs security. He is indispensable.

Here is what orkutistaan has to say

Mythili: Does Dhoni need Z+ security?
Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is unhappy with his Z security and it has been upgraded to Z+ security by the jharkhand govt. but does he really require it?

JIGSTHAKUR: In India public need z+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ security [very true]

* Z+ category has a security cover of 36 personnel.
* Z category has has a security cover of 22 personnel.
* Y category has a security cover of 11 personnel.
* X category has a security cover of 2 personnel.

sLuMdOg: This is a nice way to waste so much of our army men for just 1 man's security...huh.... [Are you sure ?]

Raakeshㅤ: Joginder sharma needs it.... [A drunk bowler certainly does not]

Đ ЅэɔЯт Z ѕтïℓ: Kapil as well.! [Kapil Dev,the haryanvi jaat can be a part of the secuity team for sure. Nopes just joking. He might not need. The terrorists won't be interested in him]

Obama routs the: Afzal Guru should be given Z++ category security [No use. Indian ministers might just escort him to pakistan, remember IC814 highjacking]

OD: debashish mohanty n nikhil chopra shud get z+ [Crap]

The Indian junta feels Dhoni does not need Z+, or atleast this group feels so.