Friday, December 12, 2008

CNG tribe

The CNG autos did a lot good for the people of Delhi and this effort by the government has been a commendable one. It did reduce a lot of pollution and the air has become less polluted than it was a few years back. The sight of fumes coming out of an auto is a rarity now.

Although it is common in goods tempos, norms for them too need to be regulated. The mad rush to buy vehicles continued thanks to the new jobs created due to the BPO industry. Salaries increased and so did the standard of living. I have nothing against it but yes as it did deteriorate and we have no right to complaibnt about it since we are partly responsible for it. But looking at the auto rickshaw, the have gone through a lot because of the impositions on them by the government. Yes, the cheap gas also gave them better margins. Long queues at CNG stations and waiting of almost 3 hours at CNG station was there, but the tribe went through all that to make the metropolis better. The yellow and green brand of this tribe still continues to live strong despite the misbehaviour of the people running it.

But over the years the tribe has expanded as a result of more careful intervention. We have CNG buses on roads, that have the main cause for the drastic reduction in pollution, even more than the autos. The common man joined this tribe too. Seeing the reduced costs of running a CNG car, they decided to fit their cars with CNG kits.CNG Auto on Delhi roads
But its not been a perfect story. A few people have lost their lives too. CNG being a gaseous and dry fuel, can leak easily and catch fire. There have been cases, when a car fitted with CNG blow up in flames after an accident. But all this has not stopped from CNG tribe from growing in number. Boss too joined the tribe after he brought a Wagon R fitted with CNG kit from the factory (A wise thing to do). Now he boasts about the fuel efficiency of the car and says it costs less than Rs 2 per kilometer. Earlier he used to hestiate in using his car. Now, the old man is ever ready to drop and pick anyone. No wonder his girl friends have increased in the last few months.