Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aamir Khan's tattoo trouble

It is not the first time this has happened, but Aamir khan has got into a tattoo trouble. There was a tattoo of a phone number on his body and while the promos of Ghajini went on air, the crazy fans of Aamir, noted down the number and started calling it. The result was that Aamir's doctor became the first target of his fans. Now it is film distributor Trilochan Singh. His number too has been flashed and he is getting crazy calls.

It is really surprising to see that when there are crores being spent on the movie and the world goes gaga about his 8 packs, the producers did not buy 2 numbers to flash it. What say! Is this an after effect of recession ?

I hope other filmakers learn a lesson from this. Apparently Trilochan Singh has filed a lawsuit demanding Rs 50 Lakh as damages. Now this will hurt. Recession won't help it either. Looking at it the other way, Trilochan could have done all this as a publicity stunt to get into limelight. You can never say anything about the Indian Film Industry and its people. As for his super eight packs, they are truly great, a feat I thought unachievable for a short guy like Aamir.