Monday, November 10, 2008

Shoot the crow

The shoot is going on and so is the crow. So what do you infer from this line ?
Its simple. A bunch of people with money and TRP's on their mind have paid some crows, do do what they are best at. I am talking of the news channels that peep into the whole world every time and every second and the so called trusted news cannot be trusted anymore.

One of my friends argued over a point that Hindi news channels are good and comprehensive. My response, What Bull shit. My voice was dwarfed by 6 more people who spoke together with me. We all said that the way they sensationalize the news makes it seem like crap. They are sellign news like masala dosa on the streets. He unabashedly said that there is not enough news so they have to create it. I agreed with him, but there is no reason to fake. You can repeat the news too. India TV keeps on playing old repeat telecasts of Great Indian Laughter challenge and other comedy shows. Is this news ?? A created one ??? This is bloody crap. And oh, the breaking news. India TV regularly shows Breaking News from 9-11 PM just like a regular daily soap.

Headlined today, an English news channel is also shamelessly following the same trend. It shows the internet videos of World Wrestling Entertainment. Sometimes I feel they should be penalized for their heavy violation of copyright.
The best of news is shown by only too Indian news channels. NDTV 24x7 and Times Now. Although I would agree that Times News Network has masala stuff, it is not crap.