Sunday, November 23, 2008

Review of India's performance

A united nations committee described India's performance as poor after reviewing India's performance after 17 years by the UN International Covenant on Economic, Social, and cultural rights in Geneva (Switzerland) , 6 months back, in May 2008. The reason, I've highlighted this is due to the fact that elections are round the corner and everyone is blabbering about their achievements and trying to denigrate the opposition, forgetting that they collectively have been a big failure.

The UN committee asked India to "try harder". Trying harder is totally justified since our respected politicians (more of politics than leadership) our more concerned with "who" is in their state and who is not (Remember Raj). Their life starts and ends at vote bank.

The delegation from India was grilled about the status of dalits, tribals and Muslims, and their arguments about the realization of the minority rights were not acceptable to the committee, which insisted that issues on certain rights, food, housing, health and educations had to be realized.