Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nuclear Weapons : Seeds of Terrorism

The Asian doomsday is not far as the three competing powers are fast becoming obsessed with nuclearization. After India got through a successful nuclear deal with the United States, there were talks of China voting for a similar deal with Pakistan.

A Pakistan scientist Abdul Khan had started his own laboratory after he was thrown out of the Pak premier labs. He had completed his post graduation from a premier school in United Kingdom on fundamental particles. He had good knowledge of developing nuclear weapons and was successfully working with Pakistan’s nuclear labs for developing nuclear reactors for energy. His senior, Dr Wasim Khan had caught him working on an experiment, which would have led to the development of nuclear arms in Pakistan. Dr Wasim, being an ardent follower of Robert J Oppenheimer had vowed to work for the destruction of nuclear arms at the root itself. Robert J Oppenheimer was the man behind the Manhattan project for developing atom bomb. After seeing the power of the bomb and its consequences, he spent his later years, advocating the stop of spreading of such weapons. Dr Wasim and his entire team were under intense pressure from the ISI and the government of Pakistan to develop nuclear arms, but they had successful managed to evade such programs. Abdul, an ultra nationalist had some how more extremist thoughts, since he was subject to racial discrimination in UK during his study. He somehow had a false notion that all this discrimination was because of India, and Indians like Jawaharlal Nehru and had a feeling of revenge in his heart. He with immense persuasions got a team of 8 people to work on his project, Tabahi, the development of nuclear bomb. One of the members of Tabahi, was the security guard of the lab at Islamabad, who had strong links with ISI. Since the ISI after the removal of Pervez Musharraf had gone into the hands of government control, causing discontentment among its members had disintegrated within a few months its few members just vanished into the darkness of terrorism, after contacting the Al-Qaeda. The security guard, Karim had managed a meeting between Abdul and Rehman (The ISI member). Soon in a matter of few months their project Tabahi gathered momentum and in the darkness of the night carried out their experiments. On one Tuesday night, Dr Wasim came to the lab, and got a glance into the secret project. He later formed a committee and after investigation, found Abdul and four others guilty. Meanwhile ISI officials had tried to even poison and kill him, but luck had favored him. A day before the trial, the ISI people, through their networking helped Abdul and his comrades escape the prison. In the dark wet night, they escaped Islamabad prison. Tabahi’s progress is now halted but the ISI agents are managing to collect resources needed for Tabahi. Dr Wasim has managed to destroy the sources present in Pakistan’s top nuclear facility and has applied for a US visa. In the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, project Tabahi is still on.