Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chandrayaan : Reality check

Chandrayaan gave India a giant leap in space exploration. ISRO launched chandrayaan, which would drop a probe onto the moon. This called in for a lot a accolades and gave our nation a sense of pride. With success comes the possibility of failure. This is precisely what has to kept in mind. The mission has just passed the initial phase. It has a long way to go and can fail in the process also.

After the initial success, criticism and claims of failure have been launched by the Chinese media. An article published in the times of India, particularly mentions it.
The articles question the contention of Indian Space Research Organization, which said that Chandrayaan had an apogee of 37,800km with an orbital period of 73 hours. The articles in the Chinese media state that the apogee was only around 16,400 km with an orbital tour of 11 hours...The headline common several of the pieces in different websites are: "Orbit not very normal; has India's Chandrayaan-1 run into problem?"
I don't know the truth behind chandrayaan, but yes there is a possibility as it is with all space missions of a failure. We can just hope for a successful mission.

The source of the theory

A website www.n2yo.com tracks satellites real time. The articles were based in the analysis of the data published on the website. You can track chandrayaa's progress on the website.